24 Days of Lippie (Challenge)


Welcome to my new beauty blog, where I can obsess over whatever lovely little thing I would like to. Currently, I’m working through a sample-pack of 24 lipsticks in various shades and finishes from the new Urban Decay VICE collection that came free with a $25 purchase.

The rules were very simple:

  1. I have to wear one lipstick every day, all day.
  2. I have to let my fiancé choose the lipstick I wear every day (thus ensuring I would have variety).
  3. I HAVE to wear whatever lipstick he chooses on that given day, no exceptions. (This is where the challenge begins as I work in a hardware store and there are some shades that are so dark red that they almost look black.)
  4. Take pictures of swatches of each lipstick, and myself wearing each lipstick.
  5. Keep notes about each lipstick, even if just metal ones, to write about once I FINALLY got this blog up and running.
  6. Post about this blog.
  7. Have seven rules because it’s lucky.

That’s it.

I will be starting my first batch of commentaries on the lipsticks from this sampler-kit very soon. I will only be updating 4 lipsticks at a time so as not to overload you with too many at once.

This started out as me wanting to try out some fun lipsticks and see if I found a new shade that I went crazy for. (I go through phases where I’m obsessed with finding THE perfect version of the colour I’m looking for and then once I buy about 6-7 lipsticks I stop wearing that shade altogether for WEEKS.) So far I have found several different ones that really surprised me as I’ve always been a, “matte-and-bright” kind of gal, and I’ve been enjoying sheer coverage and cream finish lipsticks as of late.

So until tomorrow, hold onto your hats and bear with me as I dive head-first into this adventure!





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