24 Days of Lippie (Challenge) Days 1-4:


I’m very excited to talk about the first 4 of the 24 lipsticks in my 24 Days of Lippie Challenge. Though this process started as a way for me to test out new lipsticks before spending $20+ dollars on each one and then realizing I didn’t like them, I really got into the idea of reviewing them, so here we are. As a reminder, each one of the lipsticks in this challenge came from the New Urban Decay UD Vice Collection. I will be rating each lipstick from 1-10 (10/10 obviously being the best), in order to give you an idea after my overall thoughts about the product.

Day 1: “Snitch” 

I was not expecting to like this lipstick as I am usually not a wearer of coral-coloured or sheer lipstick, but I was delightfully surprised. The sheer coverage gave it a bit of a shine, which I usually can’t stand as it makes my mouth feel really sticky, but this one just felt like I had applied a buttery lip balm. Nice and light, but with a great pigmentation of colour. This is one I will definitely be buying in the future. 8/10.

Day 2: “EZ”

My go-to favourite colour! I adore reds and I love the way that they look with my green eyes. This colour is in a cream finish so it goes on feeling nice and light (htough a little shiny), however it did start to wear off fairly quickly, meaning I had to reapply a bit more often than I generally care for. The colour was an AMAZING and super-vibrant blue-based red that made my teeth look really white and my eyes pop. 7/10.

Day 3: “Gubby”

Let’s just say I was glad I was at home the day I wore this one. Though the colour was a really pretty, peachy pink, it was also metallic, as the finish was, “metallized” and I am not a huge fan of shimmery lipsticks; I find the sparkle tends to settle in the lines of my lips and make them look dried out. In fact, had this lipstick not been metallic I probably would have wanted to wear it more than just one day as the colour itself was so lovely. 2/10.

Day 4: “Menace”


Now I know I shouldn’t say that this one was my all-time favourite as I still have about half the pack to get through, but honestly, if I didn’t like anything else in this pack of lipsticks, then I’m still glad I bought it because I found this one. This lipstick is THE brightest pink I have ever seen, and it goes on super-pigmented to give that bright colour even with a thin layer. It’s what Urban Decay calls a, “comfort matte” meaning, I suppose, that it is meant to be more comfortable than wearing an ordinary matte lipstick. The Matte was gorgeous and the comfort matte moniker was completely justified. Because it was matte I only had to reapply once after eating lunch and it felt like i had nothing on my lips at all. It’s so light and beautiful and I was sad that I was only allowed one day of it until the challenge it over. I will DEFINITELY be buying this lipstick. 10/10.

That’s it for today, but I will be back in a few days with another round of lipsticks. I’m a little behind on the reviews, but it means I have lots to talk about in my next post!




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