24 Days of Lippie: Days 9-12

AHHHH I’m finally on holidays!! I’m so excited because in the next thirteen days (which includes yesterday haha) I only have to work for three of them! Time to relax, nap, play with my fur-baby, plan the wedding and see friends I haven’t seen in AGES.

It also means I finally have time again to write about lipsticks and whatever else I fancy, so let’s get to it.


Day 9: Gash – Cream


This lipstick was a gorgeous shade of red with a blue undertone, making it feel almost like a subtle berry. It stayed for most of the day; I think I only had to reapply once after eating. Though it was a pretty colour I’m not sure it complimented my colour-palette as well as some others have, and though I liked wearing it, I was glad to get to take it off at the end of the night.

Rating: 7/10


Day 10: Sheer Anarchy – Sheer


Who doesn’t love, bubblegum pink lipstick? The colour was fresh and very pretty, but because it was sheer, it did not last very long and in order to make the colour pop, I had to really layer the product on, which made it feel quite heavy. All in all, as a bright-bold-lip-lover, I have to say I was a little disappointed in this one. If you are just venturing into the world of bold lips and don’t want to dive in headfirst this may be a good starting point for you; it’s a lovely little pop of colour but without the intensity of something opaque.

Rating: 5/10


Day 11: Blackmail – Comfort Matte


I was absolutely terrified of this lipstick and was dreading the day that my fiance was going to point to it and say, “this one”. But actually, I was, pleasantly, mistaken. This lipstick is Fierce with a capital, “F”. It’s a very, very deep berry colour and goes on so smoothly and stays all day, thank to the Comfort-Matte formula – my favourite. I don’t think I had to reapply this at all, but that may have been because I made everything in my salad bite-sized so it wouldn’t ruin my lipstick. My only issue with this lipstick, which is really an issue with any bold lip, was that the application was a tad stressful, as this lipstick does stain the skin very easily, so you have to be careful not to colour outside the lines. I will definitely be purchasing this one in the future.

Rating: 10/10


Day 12: Rapture – Cream


Everyone knows that as much as I love a bold lip, sometimes I really enjoy a nice subtle colour as well. This lipstick is very similar to Backtalk from Day 5, only it is slightly deeper in tone and it is a cream sheen, meaning that instead of a matte-finish, I did get a little shine on this colour. This was a saving-grace on this particular summer day, as I remember that it was ridiculously hot outside and the cream sheen, with its smooth, creamy texture made my lips feel a little less dry in the harsh dry heat. Not only was it a comfortable product to wear, but the colour was so pretty and even though I have plans to purchase Backtalk, I think I will definitely be purchasing this one as well.

Rating: 8.5/10


That’s is for now, I have to say I think this week was definitely a success for me on the discovering-new-products front, but I doubt that my bank account will see my future purchases the same way. Also, perhaps now that I’m on holidays I will be able to update this blog more than once every two weeks. In the meantime, stay lovely!





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