24 Days of Lippie: Days 13-16

I’m going to be honest, I have been going through a lot of stress lately and even though I have actually been on another mini vacation, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to write about something that is now so far into the past it barely feels relevant. Today, the guilt of not keeping up with this blog finally boiled over the edge and here I sit, trying to remember where I left off. On that oh-so-positive note, here are my thoughts on days 13-16.


Day 13: Manic – Cream


My god, did I ever love this colour! Again, the formula was a cream finish so of course I was bound to love the way it felt, but I had no idea how in love with the colour I would actually be. Normally, I’m an all-brights girl, and usually avoid anything that I deem, “too dull”. This lipstick would have normally fallen under that category from the way it looked in the little blister pack, but actually once I had it on, I realized just how lovely it was. Because it isn’t a super-bright colour, I can wear it with whatever eye makeup I would like to and it still looks very balanced on my face. Also, I found that it didn’t detract from the rest of my face to be the only shining star, but instead added to it and made me feel very pretty. This is definitely one I will be making part of my collection.

Rating: 9/10


Day 14: Pandemonium – Mega-Matte


Okay, so perhaps the Mega-Matte finish is not my friend, as I have an obsession with lip balm and therefore cannot go a full day unable to use it, but LOOK AT THIS COLOUR. How can someone wear this and not feel so cool, so beautiful. It’s one of the prettiest shades of purple lipstick I’ve ever seen and it’s a true purple. It’s not something you expect to see every day and yet it could work as an everyday look. Even in the hardware store I work in, in a relatively small town where things like this are not, “seen every day”. I love this colour and I honestly think I could live with the Mega-Matte formula if it meant my lips were this pretty. This may not be the first tube of lipstick that I reach for at Sephora (I’m looking at you, Makeup Forever Artist Rouge c105, but we’ll get to you later) but it is definitely one for my collection.

Rating: 8/10


Day 15: Seismic – Sheer Shimmer


This was not my favourite of the lipsticks in that package, in fact, I would go as far as to say that I simply did not take to this colour. Though in the package, it looked to be a very deep berry – and though I did know it was a sheer lipstick – the colour payoff was underwhelming when compared to the majority of the other lipsticks I had worn – even the other sheer lipsticks. I vividly remember walking into work and being asked why I wasn’t wearing a lipstick that day, and replying that I was, and it just had little to no colour. I applied this about 30 minutes before I left for work, and in that time I did not eat or drink anything, even my fiancé thought I was trying to get out of wearing the lipstick, because in those 30 minutes it had already faded so much. As you can see from the pictures, it was a pleasant wash of colour after application, but honestly it just wasn’t worth the time to apply it because it was gone half an hour later. Bottom Line: this one will make it’s way into someone’s lipstick collection, but I can’t say that it will be mine.

Rating: 2/10


Day 16: Rock Steady – Cream


As you probably know from my previous posts, I LOVE red lipstick. Especially when paired with a crisp winged eyeliner. To me, it is one of the most classic beauty looks, and when done properly, can look good on just about anyone, which is why it’s my go-to for day-to-day. This colour is no exception, it checks every box on my list of things that a Good Red Lipstick should be. It’s bold, it’s blue-toned, to give the appearance of whiter teeth, and it’s COMFORTABLE. Thanks to the wonderful cream finish, it has become on of my favourites to wear to work. This lipstick will definitely be joining the multitudes of other reds in my collection, but will receive an honour-spot in my most-used section.

Rating: 10/10


Just in case anyone is concerned that when I finish with the lipsticks I will run out of things to talk about (ahaha, yeah right) I think next I will be discussing my recent trip to Sephora in which I had my makeup done in a, “bridal fashion”. So count down the next two posts, as that’s all we have left until I move on to something else new and exciting.

My boss is here now and has decided that it’s time for me to take a break and apparently give him some much-needed attention, until next time, stay beautiful!



My, “Boss”:





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