24 Days of Lippie: Days 17-20

I’m baaaaaaaack! I know I just wrote yesterday and normally, I would just let it drop for another few weeks until guilt compelled me to write again, but I don’t know what to say, it felt good to write yesterday, and I really want to keep going while I’ve still got the steam.


Day 17: Stark Naked – Comfort Matte


This colour was really pretty and honestly, I was surprised that I liked the way it looked on me. I don’t typically go for the beige nude colours as I don’t find that they suit my skin tone. Usually, I try to wear the rose nude colours as I know they look much better. Honestly though, this colour was a little on the peachy side and it actually suited me quite well. Of course it was the comfort-matte formula which I really enjoyed. Again, this might not be the first shade I reach for when I go to Sephora, but it may one day make its way into my collection.

Rating: 7/10


Day 18: Psycho – Comfort Matte


For the love of all that is good and pure this lipstick is honestly the best one I’ve ever found. I wore this on Canada Day because I actually thought it was a red in the package, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was this lovely, violent shade of fuchsia. My fiancĂ© and I were halfway through a day where we were just driving down back roads looking for an adventure and I happened to look in the mirror to check my lipstick and then the sunlight hit my lips and WHAM! It surprised me all over again with the fact that it has BLUE-FREAKIN’-SPARKLES in it! and I just lost it over how cool this lipstick is. This is definitely going to be joining my collection sooner rather than later.

Rating: 10/10


Day 19: ZZ – Cream


This is a lipstick that I truly looked forward to wearing. I only had a few, “normal” (read: not wine-coloured or too-bright or brown.) that would be acceptable to wear to a friend’s Buck-and-Doe/Engagement Party and I didn’t want to wear anything too, “scary”. Therefore, this was the perfect choice; it was a nice soft pink that looked so pretty on. I was so glad it looked so nice.

Rating: 8/10


Day 20: Disturbed – Comfort Matte


I was a little scared of this one at first, because in the package it looked as though it was going to be WAAAAY too dark for me, but again, I was pleasantly surprised. This experiment has been good for me as I have learned that I can wear more than just bright red lipstick. This deep, almost ox-blood colour is so lovely and I feel so good rocking it, especially with my current hair-colour. I have actually started wearing this colour more and I feel that it gives me a little confidence boost every time. Bottom Line: I WILL be adding more of this colour to my collection especially now that we’re into fall and it’s very fitting for the season.

Rating: 10/10


Now it’s time to go to work, where I will actually be rocking a colour very similar to Disturbed and hopefully soon I will finish the last post for these lipsticks and continue on to something else exciting. I’m going to try and write on this blog at least once a week now and though I know it will be difficult with my work schedule and the fact that I’m excellent at coming up with reasons NOT to write in this blog, but I will definitely try my hardest to stay on top of this. Until next time, stay beautiful!




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